House THCA Sugar Diamonds – Alien OG


  • Premium-Grade Cannabis Concentrate
  • THCA Content: 90%+
  • Extracted from AAA+ Flower
  • High Terpene Content

Due to the high levels of THC, this product is only recommended for experienced users.

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Buy Alien OG THCA Sugar Diamonds

Alien OG THCA Sugar Diamonds are a potent cannabis concentrate derived from the balanced hybrid strain, Alien OG. Known for its equal blend of indica and sativa properties, Alien OG offers an uplifting cerebral high paired with deep body relaxation. Its sweet and sour citrusy flavor profile carries over into the sugar diamonds, which also have subtle woody undertones.

The term “sugar diamonds” refers to their physical characteristics – small crystalline structures that resemble tiny sparkling gems or sugar crystals. These diamonds contain concentrated amounts of THCA (the raw non-psychoactive form of THC), making them incredibly potent. When consumed, they provide an intense experience characterized by euphoria and relaxation.

Due to their high potency, these THCA sugar diamonds are recommended only for experienced users who can handle strong effects without discomfort. It’s worth noting that they’re often used in treating chronic stress or anxiety, appetite loss or nausea, chronic pain and fatigue due to their robust cannabinoid content.

While offering an immersive sensory experience in terms of taste and aroma – earthy herbal notes coupled with zesty lemon – what truly sets apart Alien OG THCA Sugar Diamonds is the exceptional balance between powerful effects and nuanced flavors it provides.

How to Consume THCA Sugar Diamonds?

THCA Sugar Diamonds are typically consumed by dabbing, a method which involves heating a small amount of the concentrate on a hot surface (usually a nail or banger attached to a water pipe or dab rig) and then inhaling the vapor. This method allows for the rapid and efficient absorption of cannabinoids, providing a potent and immediate effect. However, they can also be sprinkled on top of flower in a joint or bowl for an added kick. Always remember to start with a small amount, especially if you’re new to dabbing, as this form of consumption can be quite potent.

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