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Weed Gummies Dosage
If it’s your first time experimenting with edibles, we recommend starting with a low dose of around 5-10mg. Because everyone’s body is different, the dose you use needs to be specifically tailored to you.

THC Gummies Effects
Edibles tend to have stronger effects than smoking cannabis, because of the high THC concentration and the way that the THC is absorbed in the body. Because of this, you’re likely to experience strong ‘couch-lock’ effects, which can be extremely helpful for patients with insomnia or chronic pain. Some edibles, primarily ones made with Sativa strains, may provide a stronger psychoactive experience.

How long do Weed Gummies take to kick in?
There are numerous factors that can affect how quickly you start to feel effects, such as body weight, metabolism, diet, tolerance, etc. Generally speaking, the full effect will kick in within 1.5 – 2 hours. Because edibles don’t kick in right away, it can be tempting to take more shortly after your first dose. Please be cautious of this and give your body time to fully adjust before taking another dose.

How to Properly Store THC Gummies
It’s important to keep your cannabis edibles stored properly to maintain the maximum potency. We recommend keeping them stored in a cool, dark location. Be sure to use the product before the expiry date printed on the packaging. Always remember to always keep your cannabis products out of reach of children and pets.

Why Buy Weed Gummies at Inhale Wellness?
At Inhale Wellness, we’re proud to offer some of the lowest prices and best selection on weed gummies in Canada. We carry a variety of Canada’s most trusted edible brands such as Faded Cannabis, Twisted Extracts, Bliss Edibles, and more. When you shop with us, you’ll always receive top-notch customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience.