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How to Use Shatter

Before you buy shatter online, it’s important to know how shatter is used. The two common methods for using shatter are dabbing and vaping.

Dabbing: Dabbing is a widely popular method for smoking shatter and has been around for ages. Dabbing involves heating a metal or glass dab nail to high temperatures using a butane torch, then placing the shatter onto the nail. The shatter is quickly turned to vapor which can then be inhaled through your smoking device.

Vaping: Vaping is a popular choice for using shatter because of how convenient and discreet it is. You can purchase vape pens that contain pre-dosed amounts of shatter or other concentrates. Vaping is known to be smoother and allows you to enjoy the flavour of the cannabinoids more than you would with dabbing.

Wax vs. Shatter: What’s the difference?

The main difference between wax and shatter comes down to consistency. Shatter tends to be a harder, glass-like consistency, while wax usually has a gooey or crumbly consistency. The consistency of your final product is mostly determined by the flower material being used, as well as the extraction method. Both wax and shatter have high levels of THC and cannabinoids which make them very potent.

Why Buy Shatter Online at Inhale Wellness?

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